We are in the process of setting up and building a new brewhouse, tasting room, and homebrew shop in Modesto, CA.  We anticipate being open during the Christmas break around New Years 2019. 

Patrons will be able to purchase the beer you have been tasting for the past three years, attend classes, take a brewery tour, and of course still find all the homebrewing and wine making supplies that we have been known for.  We thank you for your patience while we get everything setup.

The new brewery and homebrew shop will be at 400 I Street in Modesto.

The brewery name is now established as: Desert Fox Brewing Company.


Black Rifle Coffee Blends

AK-47  (Light High Caffeine Blend): 15.50

AK-47 Rounds (50 K-Cups): 46.00

Knife Hand (Medium Roast): 15.50

Beyond Black (Dark Roast): 16.00

Black Beard's Delight (Medium Dark): 15.50

Coffee Or Die: (Light Medium): 15.50

Caffeinated As F**K (Blonde Roast):15.50

Caffeinated As F**K Rounds (K-Cups): 16.00

Heavy Days Espresso (Light Roast) 15.50

Just Black Rounds (K-Cups): 16.50

Sniper's Hide (Medium Light): 15.50

Strong As F**K (Blonde Roast): 15.50



Black Rifle Coffee Mugs And Vessels

Black Rifle Coffee Mug: 17.50

Freedom Flag Mug: 17.50

Freedom Flag Stainless 64oz Growler: 47.50

Coffee Or Die Stainless Travel Mug: 27.25

Skull And Crossbones 16oz Tumbler: 27.50

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