We are in the process of setting up and building a new brewhouse, tasting room, and homebrew shop in Modesto, CA.  We anticipate being open during the Christmas break around New Years 2019. 

Patrons will be able to purchase the beer you have been tasting for the past three years, attend classes, take a brewery tour, and of course still find all the homebrewing and wine making supplies that we have been known for.  We thank you for your patience while we get everything setup.

The new brewery and homebrew shop will be at 400 I Street in Modesto.

The brewery name is now established as: Desert Fox Brewing Company.


Gasses and Tanks New Purchase And Exchanges

Full 5 Pound CO2 Tank:  113.00
5 Pound CO2 Exchange: 32.00
Full 20 Pound CO2 Tank: 169.00
20 Pound C02 Exchange: 46.25
10 Pound Nitrogen Tank: 135.00
10 Pound Nitrogen Tank Exchange: 45.00

Kegs and Kegging Equipment

Used Rebuilt Corny Kegs: 82.25
New Torpedo Kegs: 110.00
Ball Lock Quick Disconnects: 6.75
Torpedo Quick Disconnects: 14.99
Dual Gauge Nitro Regulator: 89.99
Dual Gauge Co2 Regulator: 71.99
Dual Body CO2 Regulator: 145.00
Regulator Cage: 45.00
Shank and Faucet Combo: 53.99
1/4" Gas Line: 1.00/foot
Picnic Faucet: 7.75
Two Tap Tower: 155.50
Commercial Keg Tap: 41.50
Two Tap Jockey Box: 285.00
Blichmann Beer Gun: 154.25
Full Kegging System: 295.00

Kegging Chemicals And Maint.

Liquid Line Cleaner: 5.75

Hose Brush: 7.25

Keg Lube: 6.25

Dip Tube For Ball Lock Keg: 19.00

Keg Rebuild Kit: 5.00
Liquid Quick Disconnect
Replacement Popit: 14.99
Gas Quick Disconnect Replacement Popit: 14.99
Hose Clamps: .88


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