We are in the process of setting up and building a new brewhouse, tasting room, and homebrew shop in Modesto, CA.  We anticipate being open during the Christmas break around New Years 2019. 

Patrons will be able to purchase the beer you have been tasting for the past three years, attend classes, take a brewery tour, and of course still find all the homebrewing and wine making supplies that we have been known for.  We thank you for your patience while we get everything setup.

The new brewery and homebrew shop will be at 400 I Street in Modesto.

The brewery name is now established as: Desert Fox Brewing Company.


Hop Varieties

Ahtanum:  3.00oz

Amarillo:   4.29oz

Apollo:      2.99oz

Bravo:      2.79oz

Calypso:  2.99oz

Cascade: 2.00oz

Centennial: 2.99oz

Chinook: 2.99oz

Citra:       3.99oz

Cluster:  2.99oz

Columbus: 2.99oz

Comet:       2.99oz

Crystal:      2.99oz

Denali:     3.99oz

East King Goldings (United Kingdom) 3.99oz

El Dorado:  3.69oz

Eureka:  3.49oz

Falconers Flight:  3.00oz

Fuggle (United Kingdom):  2.99oz

Glacier:  2.99oz

Horizon:  2.99oz

Huell (German): 3.00oz

Liberty:  3.75oz

Magnum (German): 2.79oz

Magnum (Domestic): 2.79oz

Mandarina Bavaria (German): 3.99oz

Mosaic:  3.99oz

Motueka (Domestic): 4.49oz

Motueka (New Zealand): 4.49oz

Dr. Rudi (New Zealand): 3.00oz

MT Hood:  2.99oz

Northern Brewer (German): 2.79 oz 

Palisade: 3.00oz

Perle (German): 2.79oz

Sorachi Ace: 2.79oz

Styrian Golding (Celeia): 2.31oz

Tettnang (German): 2.99oz

Vanguard: 2.79oz 

Warrior:  1.99oz

Willamette:  2.79oz

Yeast Varieties

Red Star

Montrachet:  1.25

Cote de Blancs:  1.25

Premier Blanc: 1.25

Premier Cuvee:  1.25

Premier Rouge:  1.25


1010 Liquid:  7.00

1028 London Ale:  7.00

1056 American Ale:  7.00

1084 Irish Ale:  7.00

1098 British Ale:  7.00

1332 North West Ale:  7.00

1450 Denny's Favorite 50 Liquid Ale:  7.00

1728 Scottish Ale Liquid:  7.00

1968 London ESB Liquid Ale:  7.00

2112 California Lager:  7.00

5733 Pediococcus Liquid:  20.50

Belgian Lambic Blend:  7.00

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis: 7.00

3056 Bavarian Wheat Liquid:  7.00

5335 Lactobacillus Liquid:  20.50


SAFALE k-97 Dry:  7.25

SAFALE S-04 Dry:  5.00

SAFALE US-05 Dry:  5.00

SAFBREW BE-256:  6.99

SAFBREW S-33:  4.00

SAFBREW T-58:  4.00

SAFBREW WB-06:  6.00

SAFCIDER Cider Yeast:  5.00

SAFLAGER S-189:  8.25

SAFLAGER S-33:  4.00

SAFLAGER W-34/70:  7.99



71B-1122:  1.25

BM 4X4:  1.25

EC-1118:  1.25

ICV D47:  1.25

K1V-1116:  1.25

QA23:  1.25

RC212:  2.00


Belle Saison:  6.75

Munich:  6.75

White Labs

WLP800: 7.00

WLP001 California Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP002 English Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP004 Irish Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP005 British Ale Liquid: 7.00

WL008 East Coast Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP013 London Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP023 Burton Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP029 German Kolsch Ale: 6.99

WLP041: 7.00

WLP051 California 5 Ale: 7.00

WLP060 American Ale Blend: 7.00

WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast: 7.00

WLP300 Hefewwizen Ale Liquid: 7.00

WLP400:  7.00

WLP530 Abbey Ale:  7.00

WLP568 Belgian Style Saison Ale: 7.00

WLP575 Belgian Style Ale:  7.00

WLP800 Pilsner Lager:  7.00

WLP862 Cry Havoc:  7.00

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